Why Sell with VICCI

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Why Sell with VICCI?  The merging of live auction safety features with online convenience.  As the only online forum in the world offering our six-tier vetting system, you are provided unprecedented online safety.  

The nuts and bolts:  You pay a one-time fee of $169 to sell your car.  That's it.  This fee gets you a third party inspection of your car which tells us you can legally sell the car and the car your are presenting is real.  You can chose auction or fixed price listing, your reserve price, and if it's an auction and doesn't sell you can, for no charge, make it a fixed price listing.  We place your vehicle for sale not only on our site, but advertise it all over the US in a plethora of ways best fitting your vehicles particular audience.  Porsche Club of America, Hemmings, DuPont Registry, Classic Cars.Com, Racing Junk, Cars.com etc.  We provide assistance in the write up with professional copywriters on staff and present your vehicle in the best format.  And for our registered users, an investment opinion on each vehicle is available.  Yes, all of this for only $169.

Time is Money, and having a trusted party on "the other end of the line" results in decrease wasteful calls, tire kickers, and missed test drives.

To be a part of our safe community, that is, to buy or sell a vehicle you must be registered. 

Ready to get started ?... Call our knowledgeable concierge:  1-866-949-2605

Or you can do it yourself 24/7 by going to our registration page here:  REGISTER

Need more convincing: 

For a very low fee your vehicle will receive a third-party inspection and we will have your car listed for sale on mutliple national sites.

VICCI is a website dedicated to quality vintage vehicles that are in the phase of their life.  We strive to locate and place vehicles that are appreciating vs depreciating. 

Online auctions are exciting and fun … selling a car is not.

We provide anonymity for you.

No transport fee, detail cost, listing fee or liability to get a vehicle to a traditional "in person" car auction, and the seller at VICCI collects 100% of the agreed upon sale price.

We staff professionals to provide you with assistance for the best presentation.

We are motivated to get you the best price.

Because we verify the cars we sell, as well as our sellers, our buyers are more comfortable spending money. 

We provide a forum for enthusiasts to communicate.

Active industry leaders are the ones running our company.

Awareness & influence regarding market trends.

Honest listings.

Manage expectations.

Sniping protection & capitalize on last minute excitement at the end of our auctions.

If it doesn’t sell at auction, it can be listed for FREE on our Fixed listing sale page.

Very low cost $169, which includes a third-party verification of your vehicle.

You can set a reserve if you chose an auction.

You can also list other places until auction starts, and after

If something were to go wrong with the purchase, we get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to sell my car at VICCI Online Car Auctions?
The listing fee is $169.  This includes a third party to come to your vehicle and provide verification for the security of all parties.  It also includes a vehicle history report.  

This is the only fee to sell your car. 

How am I protected from fraud?

Although there is no way to eliminate 100% of the risk, VICCI does more than any other online company.   By only allowing financial transactions by vetted registered users and the utilization of six tiers of vetting, including dynamic knowledge-based authentication, we offer a comprehensive solution to affirm that a consumer is who they claim to be.

What is a seller's commission?
A seller's commission is the amount owed to VICCI for the sale of a vehicle.  It is also called a Buyer’s Premium.  This fee is 6% for auction vehicles and $395 for fixed listings and is charged to the buyer.

Can I reach out to the buyer and negotiate the sale offline?  
No. Off-line sales or other attempts to circumvent the protections provided by VICCI Auctions (by buyers or sellers) will result in suspension or permanent banning from our site.

If I enter a car to be sold at auction, is the entry fee refundable?
No. The entry fee covers third-party verification, a vehicle history report and all website and marketing costs prior to the sale.

What does "offered without reserve" mean?
The car will be sold to the highest bidder without any minimum (reserve) price being required.

What happens if the reserve price is not reached on an item?
The auctioneer will "pass" on the item once it is clear that there are no more interested bidders and then convert your auction listing to a fixed price listing, free of charge.

I sold a car; when will I be paid?
All payment is worked out between buyer and seller.  VICCI takes no responsibility for payment to sellers, although we will assist the seller if there becomes an issue.

When do I need to deliver my car to the buyer?
This varies from sale to sale. Terms must be negotiated and agreed upon between you and the buyer.

Who do I contact if I have further selling questions?
Please contact one of our Client Service representatives by email by clicking here.


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