Our Team

Our talented team, with more than 120 years of combined experience designing and building some of the most talked about and sought-after vehicles, has decided to bring that expertise to you.

After our work went viral on websites like Autoweek and Maxim, we decided it was time to apply our spirit of innovation in helping fellow enthusiasts pursue their passions.

Andy Kilcoyne, President  

Growing up working at his parents' machine shop, studying engineering, and a lifetime spent at the race track (his father, Bruce Kilcoyne, was car chief for Paul Newman) gave Andy all of the right tools to serve as VICCI President. 

Building the winning chassis for the Formula Ford 40th Anniversary Festival at Road America,  engineering cars holding track records at Sebring International Raceway,  Indianapolis Raceway Park and Watkins Glen as well as manufacturer experience with Toyota and General Motors, rounded out the perfect background for his position as GM for the prestigious Kelly-Moss Road and Race.

Andy is directly involved in the creation, modification, and restoration of countless autos, spanning more than  30 years of industry experience and builds that have been in national and international publications (Jalopnik, Maxim, Excellence, Panorama and Autoweek, to name a few).

Victoria Thomas, Vice-President

With thirty years of managerial accounting experience specializing in the education of utilization financial statements to maximize profitability, Victoria has a strong track record for solid business management.  She left ownership of a successful accounting firm to come on board full time with client, Kelly-Moss Road and Race, delivering them to a state of tremendous growth both in sales and profitability. Quickly developing a passion for the industry, she became enchanted by the high-end project car arena. 

Seeing the enormous potential in investment cars, the collaboration between Victoria and Andy Kilcoyne began.  The result was VICCI.



Charles Thomas, Chief Technical Officer

A software engineer and IT specialist with over 22 years of professional experience.  He developed the first computer-based system for 4D image acquisition, visualization, and analysis for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which became the subject of invited articles to many prestigious journals in the scientific computing field.  He was the primary architect behind the UW’s tool suite for network management which allowed decentralized control of the University’s half-million network nodes.  In 2013 he became one of the lead software engineers for the Madison-based tech startup MdotLabs, which was acquired nine months later.  Since that time he has worked developing novel, patent-pending systems for the detection of fraud in online advertising networks.  He has extensive experience in website design, as well as back-end and database development.


Jeff Stone, Partner

Jeff is the owner of Kelly-Moss Road and Race, one of the longest standing race teams in the industry.  He is also designer & builder of some of the most remarkable car builds of recent years.   

Delivering team and driver championships year after year in multiple series, Kelly-Moss continues to be synonymous with success.  Overseeing the race teams, the restoration, body and street shops allow the unique ability to define the coming trends in the industry.  

There is a very strong and unique partnership between VICCI and the Kelly-Moss powerhouse.  


Alex Pien, Administration

Alex is our heavy-lifter, working with clients to get cars onto the VICCI website,  along with listing cars to all of the places VICCI advertises with to get the word out on our great listings.    Alex also handles inquiries from buyers, a great deal of our photography, videography and other items necessary for the smooth operation of our office.  

Chris Bacarella, Digital Marketing Specialist

When Chris relocated to Madison from Los Angeles, we snatched him up.   In LA, he was the Senior Director of Social Media for The Motor Trend Group. You've probably heard of the brands...Motor Trend, Automobile Magazine, Truck Trend, and Hot Rod Magazine to name a few.

Concentrating on social media, custom audiences, detailed targeting, remarketing, organic and email marketing strategy, Chris brings a great deal of expertise to our clients to get the word out on these great vehicles. 


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