Our Story

The message is simple.  Safety and convenience.  The way we deliver is through amazing cars.  

Our mission is to provide a safe online forum where you can find trust.  Trust the seller, trust the buyer and trust the vehicle.  We want you to be free to conduct the full transaction at your convenience.  That's it. Simple.

We created VICCI for those like us who are passionate about fine automobiles—those who appreciate their beauty and also their potential as financial assets. After all, what other investment opportunity offers the rush of the open road, the satisfaction of a roaring engine and the ability to make your neighbors green with envy?

While driving these vehicles can be enormously thrilling and rewarding, the process of buying or selling one can be frustrating, stressful, and even risky. Our mission is to eliminate wasted time and worry by providing an exclusive marketplace in which every vehicle is verified. VICCI lets you conveniently and confidently shop to find a vehicle that will look as good in your investment portfolio as it does in your driveway.


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