2009 Porsche 911

Item #: 140481



Here is your chance to own one of the fastest Cup cars in the country! This 2009 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car contains the best of every part with no expense spared throughout the build. With only 34 hours on the engine and 6 hours on the transmission and clutch, this car is 100% race ready.

Did you know both GT3 Cup and factory 911s originate from the same production line in the main factory in Zuffenhausen? It is only once they are fully assembled that their paths diverge. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup receives its finishing touches in Flacht, the Motorsport Manufaktur in Weissach, so that ultimately, it lives up to its calling: uncompromising performance on the race track and this 2011 Cup car delivers! This car is a front running car in any pack and has not only competed, but beaten RSR’s and GT3R’s. The best part? Operating costs on this Cup are a fraction of those cars it can beat.


  • 4.0 L Musante built motor, 501 HP at rear wheels. *(Dyno sheet available).
  • Bosch MS4 adjustable ABS system with in-cockpit adjustment dial.
  • Hollinger Paddle System
  • Full RSR suspension
  • Moton shocks
  • Lexan windows (new rear window)
  • RSR exhaust / headers
  • Pankl axles with about 35 hours (extra used set in spares package)
  • Brembo endurance brakes
  • Cockpit adjustable sway bars
  •  PWR alloy radiators
  • Carbon fiber hood, front bumper with removable canards, rear bumper, fenders and deck lid
  • New battery
  • Fresh paint
  • Full 2013 World Challenge front splitter and undertray venturi
  • Body mounted 2012 RSR spoiler
  • 4 sets of wheels total (2 sets BBS and 2 Sets Forgeline)
  • 3 sets of used slicks, with one set of new rains
    • Wide body accepts 285/18 in front, 325/19 in rear
  • Watkins Glen - 1:51:1 on 2 cycle tires (previous driver states car is 1:49s with fresh slicks)
    • VIR 1:52:2 on 2 Cycle tires

On Track Video: https://vimeo.com/104801370

Trailer Also Included:

  • 1200lb winch, two tire rack holders, 55 gal drum holder, nitrogen tank holder, custom straps for securing the car and paper towel, cleaner holder.  Everything is mounted inside except the battery for the winch is in the black trailer box mounted on the tongue of the trailer.  The inside floor and sides up to 18" are lined with Line-X so the floor is bullet proof.
  • Can be excluded from sale if the seller would prefer 

Spares Included

  • 2 CF front bumper - New NPN  
  • 1 CF cored splitter repairable NPN
  • 1 OEM paper/foam engine air filter New 997.110.131.74
  • 1 Fuel cell cover plate (expired date 2011) Used NPN
  • 1 Sequential shifter cable Used, cosmetic damage NPN
  • 1 Vent line New 997.106.767.02
  • 2 Radiator ducts (up to bumper) Used, damaged 997.505.952.90
  • 1 Attaching strip New 997.505.841.00
  • 1 Radiator vent grille (top of bumper) Used, broken 997.575.327.90
  • 99 Assorted grille material, mesh pieces New, used, scrap NPN
  • 1 Duct tube for HVAC Cut, partial, incomplete 997.572.464.00
  • 99 Assorted fuel tank displacement blocks Used NPN
  • 2 Pankl drive axles, 1 ea. left and right Used, rebuild able NPN
  • 1 Quarter window, slotted Lexan, Left Used 997.543.111.90
  • 1 Driver side window frame, window cut out Used NPN
  • 1 Steering rack New? NPN
  • 2 Cobalt front brake pad sets, XR1 and XR2 New XR1.BR0, XR2.BR0
  • 1 Pagid rear pads, Yellow New U
  • 1 Bosch alternator Used, unknown 996.603.019.90
  • 25 MSI lug nuts for 5-lug Porsche wheels New NPN
  • 1 Kenwood crew radio with charger Used NPN
  • 3 Serpentine belt 2 new, 1 used 996.102.151.9A
  • 99 Assorted used brake lines and brackets Used NPN
  • 3 Shock top mounts, 2 front, 1 rear, stock Used NPN
  • 1 Set, PMNA solid engine mounts Used 996.375.121.90/122.90
  • 1 Upright, with LCA Used 997.331.161.2AR/997.341.341.90
  • 1 Release bearing, Hydraulic (from TRG) Used 997.116.018.90
  • 2 Wheel bearing New 999.053.054.05
  • 1 Coolant hose, L rad supply New 997.106.621.03
  • 1 Racekeeper system Barely used NPN
  • 2 Water pump gasket New 997.106.340.00
  • 4 Axle end caps for stock axles New NPN
  • 1 Sway bar blade Used 997.343.725.91
  • 99 Assorted center lock parts Used NPN
  • 1 Starter (Bosch replacement) Used 996.604.107.00
  • 2 Fuel cell lift pump Used 9R6.620.699.00
  • 99 Assorted used wires and cables, some cut Used NPN
  • 1 RSR side section Near new 997.331.151.03/9C
  • 2 RSR uprights Near new 997.331.611.AR/612.AR
  • 9 Partial LCAs Used NPN
  • 2 Inner tie rods Used, NPN
  • 2 Outer tie rods Used, NPN
  • 2 Complete tie rods Used NPN
  • 2 Front toe links (aftermarket) Used NPN
  • 6 Toe links/track rods Used, incomplete NPN
  • 2 Thrust arm/trailing arm, 1 stock, 1 adj. Used NPN
  • 5 Bearing flange (inner LCA) Used, worn, 997.331.441.9A
  • 1 Set, RSS thrust arm bushings, short New RSS318
  • 1 Set Brembo rear rotors, assembled New, bedded NPN
  • 1 Set Brembo front rotors, assembled Used NPN
  • 1 Throttle cable with blipper Used, bent threaded end 997.423.221.9C
  • 1 Throttle cable with blipper New 997.423.221.9C
  • 99 Body clips, grip channel, brackets, screws New, used, stock bodywork NPN
  • 4 Windshield wiper arms New 996.628.028.01
  • 99 Broken CF parts, spoilers, edge pieces Used, broken NPN
  • 2 Set, rear decklid hinges, welded. Used 997.512.151.02/152.02
  • 1 Rear deck lid hinge, left New 997.512.151.02
  • 99 Assorted radiator brackets, small parts New, used, broken mix NPN
  • 1 Street GT3 fuel filter bracket Used 996.110.257.03
  • 1 Ransom metal cover, unknown Used NPN
  • 1 Radiator bracket for right rad New 997.106.456.00
  • 1 GT3 Cup door handle, right New 997.537.062.01
  • 1 GT3 Cup door handle gasket, right New 997.537.638.00
  • 1 Windshield washer filler neck w/ pwr switch Used
  • 997.528.605.00/996.613.261.80/996.612.331.90
  • 2 Sets matte black BBS wheels, 1 rain 1 slick Used NPN
  • 2 Sets Forgeline wheels, slicks, 1 set on car Used NPN

As you can see, this is a full turn-key race operation for sale including everything needed to get you on the track! 

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Condition: Used

Warranty? No

Car Location: Austin, Texas

Vin#: WPOZZZ99Z9S798081

Odometer: 34

Auto or manual transmission: Manual

Drive Type: Rear wheel drive

Exterior Color: White

Interior Color: White

Number of Cylinders: 6

Body Type: Coupe

Length of Ownership: 2 years

Original Engine: No

Engine Modified: Yes

Engine Description: 4.0 L Musante built motor, 501 HP at rear wheels

How many keys do you have? 1

Do you believe the odometer to be accurate? Yes

Are you the first owner? No

Do you have all manuals? No

Are there any signs of smoking or pets? No

Historical interest? GTA2 Winning Car