1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 4

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This car has a VERY robust worldwide Media resume, including Autobon, AutoEvolution, The Drive, Road & Track, Jalopnic, AutoWeek, SpeedHunters, Ultimate Porsche & The Hoonigans:

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Introducing the VICCI Safari 4, built by Kelly-Moss Road and Race, the newest and most extreme build from the premier Porsche race and custom shop and the inaugural offering from VICCI Auctions.

A close collaboration between the creative team at VICCI, the experts at KMR, and scores of carefully curated partners, the VICCI Safari 4 by KMR is an untraditional take on the 50-plus year tradition of offroad/rally 911s. Show-quality bodywork and a fully-detailed, fully-custom interior work in tandem - if semi-contradiction - with long-travel suspension, a strengthened skid-plated chassis, AWD and a supercharged 3.8L to yield a uniquely upscale way to get down and dirty!

Winning awards at the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, with multiple publications doing stories on this one-of-a-kind monster, this car will soon be available for purchase exclusively through VICCI Auctions.

Build Details


- Braid Rally wheels
- B.F. Goodrich All Terrain ko tires
- Freshly painted in Sikkens 908 Alpine White 
- Sign Edge designed “urban camo” graphics
- Front fenders flared 9”
- Rear fenders flared 11”
- Custom KMR 1-piece rocker panels
- Custom KMR front and rear bumper pads
- Custom KMR tubular/carbon composite front and rear bumpers
- Custom KMR engine cover, Rally inspired in shape and function
- Custom KMR carbon fiber hood mounted light pod 
- Hood pod features Hella 4000 series compact lamps
- HID headlamp conversion
- Custom carbon KMR headlamp retaining rings
- Front and rear bumper mounted LED driving lights
- New window glass
- New body seals for noise, dust and moisture control
- Custom KMR inner fender liners


- Brembo Brake calipers
- Stainless steel braided brake lines
- Stoptech Brake pads
- Stoptech Brake rotors
- DAS Sport Roll cage (painted to match body)
- Scroth Safety harnesses
- Firesafe electronic on-board fire system
- Hella Rally horns
- Wheel well mounted LED work lights
- Modified front trunk for increased ground clearance


- Eaton Supercharger
- Fabspeed exhaust headers
- Custom KMR GT3 Muffler with RS exhaust tips
- Jet hot coated exhaust
- Custom KMR engine lid mounted water to air intercooler
- Lightweight single mass flywheel
- Lightweight sport clutch
- Custom KMR cab mounted rally inspired air intake with AEM air filter
- Hotwire Mass-Air Flow conversion
- 993 Turbo injector conversion with piggyback injector setup
- Freshened engine with custom cylinder head work performed
- Front mounted RSR oil cooler for increased cooling
- Dual battery system controlled by an IBS management system
- Turning brake (also known as a drift stick)


- Triple adjustable long travel, coilover,  Reiger shocks
- Front roll center modification for increased ground clearance 
- KMR custom adjustable front and rear upper shock mounts
- Elephant bump steer correction tie rods
- ERP-935 rear spring plates
- Front and rear solid suspension bushings
- Front and rear adjustable anti-roll bar links
- Front strut tower brace
- Custom KMR wheel spacers


- Custom Recaro SPG leather seats with RS inspired Tartan upholstery
- Custom RS door panels with leather pulls.
- New carpet with rear seat delete
- Radio delete for weight savings
- Driver and passenger air bag delete for weight savings and safety
- Momo racing steering wheel
- Rennline (aluminum) pedal assemblies
- Rennline (aluminum) driver and passenger floor boards
- Dyna-mat (insulation) lined interior for noise suppression

Provided by our partners at Extreme Outback Products:

- 12 Volt high volume, high pressure air compressor 
- Compact compressor air tank 
- Dual battery management system  
- Tire repair kit  
- Rally recovery shovel  
- Shackles 
- Snatch straps 
- No loss valve stem caps  

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Did you know?

This car has been featured in articles in Jalopnic: https://jalopnik.com/even-sema-knows-off-road-911s-are-one-of-the-coolest-th-1820128788 AutoWeek: http://autoweek.com/article/tuners/can-your-911-do Automobile Magazine: Best Porsches of SEMA 2017 http://www.automobilemag.com/news/best-porsches-of-sema-2017/

Condition: Used

Warranty? No

Car Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Vin#: WP0AB296XMS411482

Odometer: 52117

Auto or manual transmission: Manual

Drive Type: All wheel drive

Exterior Color: White - Urban Camo

Interior Color: Black/Blue

Number of Cylinders: 6

Body Type: Coupe

Length of Ownership: 1 year year

Original Engine: Yes

Engine Modified: Yes

Engine Description: 3.8L engine is force fed air by an Eaton Roots style Supercharger and breathes through Fabspeed stainless headers and a GT3 Cup exhaust system.

How many keys do you have? 2

Do you believe the odometer to be accurate? Yes

Are you the first owner? No

Do you have all manuals? No

Are there any signs of smoking or pets? No

Historical interest? Fun fact, in 1991, this was the first year that Porsche used head gaskets in the engine on the 964.

Preservation? It has been modifed for off road use by Kelly-Moss Road and Race in Madison, Wi.

Provenance? This vehicle came from the west coast to be turned into a Rally car. This was a very nice low mileage car that made it the perfect donor car to build into a show quality workhorse.

Are there any marks on the car inside or out? Show quality in every aspect. Blemishes from taking the car off road have since been corrected.

Are there any function inside or out that do not work? All operates as it was built.

Any items missing? All equipment is accounted for.

Is wear and tear on the inside of any kind? Most everything has been replaced with new.

Any trim coming loose or missing? Nothing noted.

Any aftermarket parts on the car? The car is mostly comprised of aftermarket parts.

Any leaks from engine or transmission? Nothing noted.

Other fluid leaks of any kind? Nothing noted.

Is there rust present? Nothing noted.

Any issues that have not been resolved? Nothing noted.

Has car ever been  repainted? Yes, completely repainted in the original color.

Has the vehicle ever been damaged or in a collision? This vehicle did not show any signs of collision when it was stripped down to undergo the wide body conversion and be repainted.