1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Item #: 140501




In 1984, AMC transferred the Wagoneer and Cherokee names to the small unibody XJs. The full-size SJ Wagoneer was preserved until 1991, however, under the “Grand Wagoneer” name. Marketed as a more luxurious SUV, it was also one of the last vehicles sold in North America with a carburetor. The 1991 model was available with a “Final Edition” badge on the dashboard. Considered “the gold standard of the SUV market”

This particular vehicles had a full engine rebuild, bored 30 over, flat head tappets, pushrods, and crane cams. Along withthe engine the interior was renovated by Extreme Vehicle of Danbury, CT (over $30,000 put in by current owner). All said and done, approximatly 300hp pushes this Grand Wagoneer down the road. A new radiator, trans cooler, AC condenser (AC converted to r134, blows ice cold) intake, carb, headers, and a custom single exhaust coming out in rear where it should, gives the Jeep a great tone that not loud, but ylets you know its a V8! New 265/75/15 tires, shocks, air coils in the rear and new fog lights up front round out the build.

It's hard to find a unique rebuild like this that is turn-key, ready to drive, and registered and legal in CT! Funt Fact: This vehicle's clone was recently seen on a Taco Bell commercial.

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Condition: Used

Warranty? No

Car Location: Weston, Connecticut

Vin#: 1JCNJ15U3GT151636

Odometer: 105000

Auto or manual transmission: Automatic

Drive Type: Four wheel drive

Exterior Color: Blue/orange

Interior Color: Beige/blue

Number of Cylinders: 8

Body Type: Jeep

Length of Ownership: 2 years years

Original Engine: No

Engine Modified: Yes

Engine Description: Full engine rebuild, bored 30 over, flat head tappets, pushrods, Crane cams, new radiator, trans cooler, AC condenser (AC converted to r134) intake, & carb

How many keys do you have? 1

Do you believe the odometer to be accurate? Yes

Are you the first owner? No

Do you have all manuals? No

Are there any signs of smoking or pets? No

Preservation? Extreme Vehicle of Danbury CT.

Provenance? I found the car offered in Avalon NJ where it was a cool beach Jeep. I purchased it for 12k and put in 30k with Extreme Vehicle Builders.

Are there any marks on the car inside or out? Body in very good shape. No rust.

Are there any function inside or out that do not work? none

Any items missing? none

Is wear and tear on the inside of any kind? seats completely new as part of restoration

Any trim coming loose or missing? none

Any aftermarket parts on the car? none

Any leaks from engine or transmission? none

Other fluid leaks of any kind? none

Is there rust present? no

Any issues that have not been resolved? no

Has car ever been  repainted? yes, 5 years before I purchased.

Has the vehicle ever been damaged or in a collision? no

Anything else you would like to tell buyers? no