1984 Porsche 911 Carrera

Item #: 140386





1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera.  Excellent example of an almost completely original 3.2 Carrera.  Featured with the highly coveted RUF wheels.  This particular 911 was not originally sold in north America.  This car is considered to be a Gray Market import car, meaning it was legally imported into the United States, licensed and sold through the proper channels.  

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Condition: Used

Warranty? No

Car Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Vin#: WPOZZZ91ZES101025

Odometer: 27988

Auto or manual transmission: Manual

Drive Type: Rear wheel drive

Exterior Color: Beige/Tan

Interior Color: Beige/Tan

Number of Cylinders: 6

Body Type: Coupe

Length of Ownership: Unknown year

Original Engine: Yes

Engine Modified: No

How many keys do you have? 2+

Do you believe the odometer to be accurate? Yes

Are you the first owner? No

Do you have all manuals? No

Are there any signs of smoking or pets? No

Historical interest? The North American delivered cars were rated at 207hp. This non-US car is rated at 231hp. With approximately 10% more factory rated horsepower than it's US delivered brothers, factory specifications show this car to be nearly 1 full second faster in the 0-60 times.

Preservation? It has been well maintained over the past 33 years. While the entire history is not known, the previous owner purchased the car in Ohio before it spent the last many years in California.

Are there any marks on the car inside or out? There are areas of previous repair that are evident. The hood has been resprayed previously. No signs of rust or rot on the car. The front lower valance has what appears to be driveway or parking lot damage. A few areas where touch up paint can be noted. Appears to be largely original paint, in very good condition for its age.

Are there any function inside or out that do not work? The aftermarket radio does not appear to function properly.

Any items missing? Nothing noted. Comes with the jack and tool kit.

Is wear and tear on the inside of any kind? Normal wear and tear expected. Seats are in exceptional condition. Dash pad shows signs of age along with the drivers door panel around the map pocket.

Any trim coming loose or missing? Nothing noted

Any aftermarket parts on the car? Non-functioning aftermarket radio and the RUF wheels.

Any leaks from engine or transmission? Normal seepage noted from an air cooled Porsche. Recent service performed at a Porsche dealer in LA, per the previous owner, in 2017.

Other fluid leaks of any kind? Nothing noted

Is there rust present? Nothing noted

Any issues that have not been resolved? All appears to function as designed other than the noted aftermarket radio not functioning.

Has car ever been  repainted? The hood appears to have been repainted.

Has the vehicle ever been damaged or in a collision? No signs indicating it has been in a collision. It appears to have had a parking lot incident resulting in some scratches, the lower valance being pushed up a crack in the bumper.