1966 Ford Bronco

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This first generation Ford Bronco half cab was restored by the Bronco connection in Norfold, NE.  

This period correct restoration features a rebuilt straight six cylinder engine and 3-on-the-tree manual transmission.  

This is an excellent driver example that is very capable of turning heads and winning trophies at weekend car shows.  

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Did you know?

The introductory base price in 1966 was $2,194.00

Condition: Used

Warranty? No

Car Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Vin#: U14FL771002

Odometer: 66732

Auto or manual transmission: Manual

Drive Type: Four wheel drive

Exterior Color: Blue/White

Interior Color: Blue/White

Number of Cylinders: 6

Body Type: Muv/suv

Length of Ownership: Unknown year

Original Engine: Yes

Engine Modified: No

How many keys do you have? 1

Do you believe the odometer to be accurate? Yes

Are you the first owner? No

Do you have all manuals? No

Are there any signs of smoking or pets? No

Historical interest? The half cab was a much less popular option of the 23,776 units produced in Michigan in 1966, which makes it more sought after to present day collectors.

Preservation? Professionally restored by the Bronco Connection in Norfolk, NE.

Are there any marks on the car inside or out? Patina noticed on the chrome and brightwork.

Are there any function inside or out that do not work? All appears to operate as designed.

Any items missing? All appears to be observed and present.

Is wear and tear on the inside of any kind? This has had very light use since its restoration and looks nearly new.

Any trim coming loose or missing? All appears to be fastened and accounted for.

Any aftermarket parts on the car? Many aftermarket and NOS (New Old Stock) parts used in the restoration process. All appear to be original in form, fit and function.

Any leaks from engine or transmission? Nothing noted.

Other fluid leaks of any kind? Light seepage noted from the rear end. Nothing dripping.

Is there rust present? Like new in appearance, no rust noted.

Any issues that have not been resolved? The Bronco could benefit from light electrical tidying and some small cosmetic repairs.

Has car ever been  repainted? Full restoration has been completed.

Has the vehicle ever been damaged or in a collision? No evidence of previous repaired damage.