Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Your Car

Every car enthusiast agrees nothing feels better than driving or looking at a newly cleaned car. After a fresh wash or interior detail it almost feels as if the car runs better, thanking you for taking care of it - and most enthusiasts agree you have to use the correct tools to get the job done right. After all, nobody wants swirls or light scratches ruining the shine of their paint, and at the end of the day a well detailed car can even add value should you ever sell. If you're new to the collector world or just looking to up your wash game on your daily driver, this quick infographic below will set you in the right direction. We're not affiliated with CleanTools and haven't used their products, but we thought this infographic was easy to understand and provided some helpful hints and we wanted to share.  

 Do you have any inside tips for car care? Let us know below!



Courtesy of CleanTools