Testimonials & Reviews

We created VICCI for those like us - passionate auto entusiasts who not only appreciate the beauty of vehicles, but also their potential as financial assets. After all, what other investment opportunity offers the rush of the open road and the satisfaction of a roaring engine?

While driving these vehicles can be thrilling and rewarding, we recognized the process of buying or selling one can be frustrating, stressful and even risky. Our mission is to eliminate wasted time and worry by providing an exclusive marketplace in which every vehicle and seller is verified.

Here is what our customers are saying about us:


"What a great group of people to deal with when auctioning my car." - Jason M

"Always kept me informed about any inquiries or offers presented." - Brandon Z

"The VICCI team is very knowledgeable with classic cars and trucks." - Rick Z


This is why we do what we do. We love helping people find their dream cars, or sell one of their own knowing it's going to a true enthusiasts. 

Are you ready to find or sell your own? Get started!