4 Differences Between Live vs. Online Auto Auctions

Is going to a live car auction worth it when there are online platforms for buying and selling exotic, luxury, and classic cars? 

Live Car Auction vs. Online Car Auction

As a luxury car enthusiast, you've probably found yourself wondering what's better: a car auction online or a live auction? Here are just a few differences between the two platforms so you can pick the one that’s best for you. 

  • Ease of the transaction
  • Car auction location
  • Direct buyer-seller communication
  • Transaction costs

For more information on these differentiators, read on.

Ease of Transaction

There's no argument that buying and selling at an online auto auction is easier and more convenient than a live auction. Simple clicks of a button allow you to list your car or search for your highly-desired collector model – anytime, day or night. If you’re a buyer on our site, you can use our "set-it-and-forget-it" bidding feature that makes it even easier to fit into your busy lifestyle. Simply choose your max bid, and our platform will do the rest of the work.

Car Auction Location

An online car auction means that you don't have to ship your vehicle to a distant location and then send it back home if it doesn't sell – on your dime. With the online route, your car can be up for auction while it’s sitting safely in your garage.

Direct Buyer-Seller Communication

Online car auctions allow for direct communication between the buyer and seller. If you have specific questions about the vehicle's maintenance history or a delivery request, you can use a secure online communication portal to put your concerns to rest. Not so with a live auction. There, you’ll hardly ever have access to the previous owner.

Transaction Costs

Finally, there can be a significant difference in transaction costs between online and live auto auctions. Without having to pay an auctioneer or rent physical space each time you enter an auction, online auto auctions can be less expensive. While you will pay an entry fee or a buyer’s premium, they pale in comparison to the fees you’ll pay at a national live auction.

Exotic and classic automobiles have proven themselves a worthwhile investment. For most enthusiasts, it's all about the pride of ownership – and part of the thrill is passing that pride from one collector to the next. So which platform is best for you? We’ve found that many busy gearheads prefer an online auto auction. We hope you’ll join us. Start finding the car of your dreams or listing your prized possession now or contact our car auction professionals online today.