3 Online Used Car Auction Myths Debunked

Buying or selling a luxury vehicle at a car auction can be invigorating! Car enthusiasts are a passionate group and, for many, the initial thrill is in the hunt. With today’s technology, buyers and sellers can connect to a vast inventory of coveted vehicles with just a click of the button. That's why the online car auction has skyrocketed in popularity in the last several years. Unfortunately, along with its widespread use, several myths have developed.

Online Used Car Auction Myths

We pride ourselves on the openness and transparency of our online auto auction process, so we think it is important to debunk the following myths:

  1. The chances of fraud are high
  2. You'll only find cars with salvaged titles
  3. It's confusing and difficult

Get our insider insight on each of these myths below.

Myth #1: The chances of fraud are high.

While some sites may leave buyers and sellers vulnerable, we use a systematic vetting process to ensure our users have legitimate intentions and verify all the cars for sale. Our staff members review each online auto auction listing and confirm all buyer funds before any transaction closes. With a secure platform and fraud-protective processes in place, we have eliminated the bulk of the risk associated with an online car auction.

Myth #2: You’ll only find cars with salvaged titles.

Not so. Online used car auctions are bursting with highly desirable luxury, exotic, and classic vehicles that used to be limited by geography. By offering a broader reach and expanding luxury vehicles inventory across the globe, online used car auctions have helped boost resale values and connect sellers with a pool of potential buyers that never existed before.

Myth #3: It’s confusing and difficult. 

Easy-to-use platforms and streamlined processes have allowed users to eliminate the confusion and difficulty that used to be associated with online used car auctions. On our platform, for example, you can find or list your ride in seconds. And with an intuitive user interface, you’ll be buying and selling like a pro.

Become an online used car auction master by registering as a buyer or seller today. It’s safe, thrilling, and easy! For help from our team of exotic car professionals, reach out to us online today.